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Event #3 of the AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series

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9:00 AM


Saturday, April 12, 2014


White Lake, NC


Event Completed


1.2 Mile Swim
56 Mile Bike
13.1 Mile Run


Wednesday, April 09, 2014  9:00 AM


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White Lake Half




4/9/14:  Click HERE for White Lake Half bib numbers.  Be sure to download your medical form to bring with you to packet pickup.  Please write your bib number in the top right corner of the medical form.

4/5/14: Make sure you check out the exciting changes to the NCTS series for 2014

4/5/14 : We thought we would take a quick trip to White Lake to check on the water temperature.  As of right now (noon on April 4th) the current reading is 61 degrees.  With the warm weather expected from now until race day, we expect to see that temperature continue to rise!  We will update this info again on Thursday evening.

Looking forward to a fun filled weekend at White Lake!


Course Description:


The basic reason that both White Lake races (the Half and the Sprint) have become so popular over the years is the lake itself. White Lake is one of the finest lakes you will ever have the pleasure to swim in – a perfect oval, two miles long and one mile across. The lake which is fed by subterranean springs is crystal clear with a sand bottom – about nine feet deep out in the very middle. Most mornings, White Lake is so perfectly flat; you’d swear you were looking at a sheet of ice. This is an in-water start with participants lining up with the end of the two piers/docks at the NCFFA Center. The swim course is a triangular shaped course. Participants exit the water at the end of the easternmost pier/dock and run about 300 yards to the transition area. Expect the water temp to be in the high 60s to the low 70s. This WILL be a wetsuit legal race. If the water temperature is below 65 degrees this event will become a wetsuit mandatory event.

We will post a water temp on the Thursday of race week.


The White Lake Half bike course will have competitors taking a right out of the FFA center onto Hwy 53, then down around the Wam Squam to Hwy 701. North on Hwy 701 for 8 miles to Hwy 210. Right (southeast) on Hwy 210 for 25 miles to Hwy 53. Right on Hwy 53 for the 20 miles back to the race site. The best part of the new bike course was the elimination of the famed Over Lyon out & back section in 2013. Literally only four turns on the 56 mile course.

 Run Course:

The run course will have runners going right on Hwy 53 out of the FFA center and down behind the Wam Squam.The course is on the bike lane along 701. Runners will run in and out of Turtle Cove on the way out. They will NOT enter Turtle Cove on the way back. Not much shade on this run course, so the earlier April date should be appreciated the most on the run. Vehicular traffic and runners will be separated by DOT traffic cones. Any runner caught running outside the traffic cones will be DQ'd on the spot. This is a very important safety consideration, so violations to this rule will be dealt with severely - NO WARNING. There will be 7 aid stations along the course, please do not throw your trash along the side of the road, use the provided trash cans.

Affiliated Charities

This event benefits Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training.

Event Site Rules

Event Capacity:


 Important Run Course Rule:

Runners must stay inside the traffic cones along Hwy 701. (penalty for running outside the cones - DISQUALIFICATION). THis is for your safety.

USAT Sanctioned:

The White Lake Half is a USA Triathlon sanctioned race.

Cut-Off Time:

All participants must complete the race in under 8 hours. The swim must be completed in no more than 1 hour - 30 minutes from the time the participant started. The bike must be completed in no more than 5 hours from the time the participant started. Participants must finish the entire race under 8 hours from the start of the event. Race officials reserve the right to pull a participant off the course if it appears as though that participant will not be able to meet the above time requirements. This is a safety issue, our permits, water safety, volunteers, police, ems, etc are only reserved for the above time restrictions.

Minimum Age:

The minimum age allowed for participating in the White Lake Half is 16.

Timing System:

The White Lake Half will be timed using the ChampionChip Tming System.
(5 splits provided)


Dogs are not permitted inside the NC FFA Center property. Anyone with a dog will be asked to remove the dog.

Packet Pickup

Packet pick up for this event will take place on Friday, April, 11 from 2-7:30pm and on race morning from 7-8:30am.

Lodging Information

Camp Clearwater

Located on the beautiful shores of White Lake, Camp Clearwater is North Carolina's largest family campground. Long considered the nation's safest beach, White Lake's 1,100 acres of crystal-clear water, white sandy bottom and gently sloping shores have made it a popular vacation spot for families from East Coast states, especially North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida. At Camp Clearwater you will be able to enjoy White Lake's natural beauty on our 1,300 feet of private white sandy beach or from any of our four piers. We offer a wide variety of sites to suit your Overnight, Seasonal, and Year-Round camping needs. Camp Clearwater also has sites to accommodate your Manufactured Home or Park Model if you are interested in camping with us for many years to come.


NCFFA Center Accommodations:

Reservations can be made beginning December 1st @ (8:00 AM).
Reservations must be made online.
Two night minimum required for all NC FFA Center accommodations. ( Friday, 4/11 and Saturday, 4/12)

1) Lodge Rooms:
Air-conditioned, private bath, accommodates 3 people. Beds are provided, must bring your own linens.
Cost: $200 for 2 nights - Friday (4/11) & Saturday (4/12).


2) Cabins:
Screened windows, no air conditioning, accommodates 10 people. Beds are provided - but no linens. Access to FFA Center bathhouse.
Cost: $150 for 2 nights -Friday (4/11) & Saturday (4/12).


3) Dorms

Air conditioned - dorms hold 25 people. Beds are provided - but no linens. Access to FFA Center bathhouse.
Cost: $400 for 2 nights - Friday (4/11) & Saturday (4/12).


Refund Policy on FFA Center Accommodations:
A 50% refund will be made on any FFA Center accommodations - no matter when you cancel - even if you need to cancel the day after you make the reservations. See accomdation page for refund cut off dates.

Hotel/Motel Accommodations:

Motels at White Lake:
1) Langston's: 910-862-2597 or 910-654-4011
2) Carolyn's: 910-862-5363
3) Sundeck: 910-862-2358
4) Brisson's: 910-862-2495
5) Alpine: 910-862-1444
6) Isley's: 910-862-4030
7) White Lake Holiday Resort:
8) Lasley's: 910-862-3473
9) Goldston's Beach: 910-862-4064
10) Crystal Beach: 910-862-3660

11) Melwood Court Motel:


White Lake Condos:

1) White Lake Pines Association - Tim Todd, LLC - 3 condos on the lake that sleep 8 people - 910-795-8799

2) Two bedroom / two bath condo - Contact Betty - 910-624-4255

3) Tar Heel Cottages (910)862-3373

Additional Motels/Hotels within 30 miles of White Lake:

Columbus County - Lumberton, NC -

1) Clinton, NC: (30 minutes - north)
(see "Driving Directions" - top of this page)

* Days Inn: 910-590-0660
* Comfort Inn: 910-592-8220
* Budget Inn: 910-592-4747
* Ashford Inn: 910-596-0961

2) Whiteville, NC: (30 minutes - south)

* Holiday Motel: 910-642-5162

3) Elizabethtown (10 minutes from White Lake)

* Days Inn: 910-862-7444

4) Six Runs Plantation Bed In Breakfast

* 2794 Register Sutton Rd, Rose Hill, NC 28458 (910) 532-4810

Camping Information:

Tent camping is available at Jones Lake State Park which is approx. 10 minutes from White Lake.
Jones Lake State Park is located on Hwy 242 N.
From White Lake - take Hwy 701 towards Elizabethtown. Turn right on Hwy 242 N. - Jones Lake State Park is about 2-3 miles on left.


They do not take reservations.
Campsites are on a first come - first serve basis.
Tent campsites are $20 per night - Maximum of two tents and two cars per campsite.
Call for access times in and out of park in evening and in morning.


This event does not issue refunds.


Withdrawals are no longer available for this event.


This event does not provide transfers.


This event accepts a one time deferment up to 30 days prior to the event date or until the event has filled.

The deferral event is the 2015 - White Lake Half.

The deferral cutoff date was Thursday, March 13, 2014 and has passed. No further deferral requests will be accepted for this event.


In the event of inclement weather the following procedures will be followed:

The event will be postponed in hopes the inclement weather will pass. If the inclement weather does not pass in time to complete the event safely in the original or modified format, the event will be cancelled. If the weather passes and the event cannot be held within the permitted time limits, the event will be changed to a duathlon format and possibly modified in length to meet these restrictions.

Every effort will be made to hold this event on time on this date. Should this event be cancelled due to an Act of God or other circumstance beyond the race directors control there will be no refunds, credits, or transfers.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy.

By registering for this event you agree to this weather policy.

Purchase Event Photos

Tricycle Studios is the Official Photographer of the NCTS!
Their photographers will be attending this event capturing images throughout the race course.
Athletes will receive a customized email after the race, complete with race stats, and automated links to find your images. You may also go directly to the Tricycle Studios website to review their custom products, and purchase your photos from this and other Set Up Events.
Tricycle Studios | a Bird's Eye View, Inc. Company | 540-358-0001 |


Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to fill out the volunteer form.

A race official will be in touch with you the week of the race.

Overall Results













Bike & Run Course Aid Station Information

Bike Course:

There will be three aid stations located at the 13.6, 28 and 42 mile points. Aid stations will have only water available. Water will be Deer Park 20 oz. sport cap bottles. If you require an energy drink during the bike, we suggest you carry this with you. Please do our volunteers a big favor and if you're going to drop a bottle - please do so at the aid station locations. Keep in mind that littering on the bike course will result in a penalty courtesy of our USAT officials.

Run Course:

Aid stations will be located along the the course at approximately every mile.

Aid Station Supplies:

* Heed
* Water
* Flat cola
* HammerGel
* E-Caps
* Oranges
* Salty Snack
* Ice
* Cold towels
* First Aid Kit
* Port-A-Let

We ask that all participants deposit all their trash at the trash containers located at/near the aid stations.

Please do our volunteers a favor and make sure you don't throw trash along the run course. Our ability to hold this race is contingent upon how clean we leave the area following the race. Littering on the run course WILL result in a penalty from the USAT officials.

Category Results

CLICK HERE to view category results.

Relay Team Information

  • Relays can be 2-person (one person does 2 legs, and one person does 1 leg) or 3-person teams (each person does 1 leg of the event).
  • EACH Relay member MUST pick up his/her own packet.
  • EACH Member MUST have their photo ID and USAT card (if applicable) to pick up their packet.
  • If a member is a minor (17 or under), then a parent/guardian must show an ID to get their packet.
  • If a member turns 18 by the end of 2014 they are considered an Adult per USAT, thus they must pick up their own packet.
  • If you need to replace a relay member you can e-mail us using the Contact Us button at the top of the page with the changes.
  • If it is the week of the event and you need to make a change to a relay member then you can make this change at packet pick up.
  • At packet pick up you will be given a sheet of paper that explains how the relays will work (chip hand off, tagging spot, etc.).
  • If you are an individual that wishes to switch to a relay team, then you can e-mail us, using the Contact Us button at the top of the page, the following information: Team Name, Team Member Names, Team Member Shirt sizes. You will need to pay the difference to convert to a relay, which you can pay at packet pick up (cash or check only). If it is the week of the event, then you can make these changes at packet pick up.

USAT Rules & Information

Most Commonly Violated USAT Rules:

Most Common




ALL USAT members must show proof of a current membership at packet pick up. If you have recently renewed a membership, then you MUST print out a temporary card or receipt of payment (that shows length of the membership period) to show at packet pick up. We will not take your word for it that your membership is current; you must SHOW us. Failure to do so will result in having to pay the one-day fee of $12.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the USAT website where you can renew your membership or print out a temporary card. You can also renew your membership at packet pick up if that's easier for you.

If I entered my USAT information when I registered, then why do I need to show my card at packet pick up? USAT rules state that all USAT members must show a valid membership card at packet pick up and failure to do so will result in having to pay the 1-day fee. Our events are sanction by USAT, therefore, we must follow these rules. Our website is not connected to USAT's website, so the information that you enter when you register could be incorrect. We must physically document the current expiration date of your membership when you pick up your packet as this is the only way we can confirm 100% that your membership is in fact current.

USAT's "Age Up" Policy:

An athlete's age for any USAT sanctioned race will be his/her age as of Dec. 31, 2014 . The age he/she is on 12/31 will determine his/her racing age group. If an athlete is due to "age-up" into the next group, it will happen at the beginning of the year, not after the athlete's birthday. This action aligns regular U.S. age group racing with the method used by USA Triathlon for its National Rankings Program and its new Grand Prix Series.

Example: John Smith is 39 and will turn 40 on November 20, 2014.

John will be considered 40 for all 2014 races - and will race in the 40-44 age group at all 2014 races.

Sally Jones is 29 and will turn 30 on July 3, 2014.
Sally will be considered 30 for all 2014 races - and will race in the 30-34 age group at all 2014 races.

This same policy applies to the all race categories in NCTS races (Open, Clydesdale, etc).

Example: Fred Peters is 39 and will turn 40 on August 15, 2014.
Fred has registered to race in the "Open" category.
Since Fred will turn 40 in 2014 and will be considered 40 in all 2014 races, Fred will automatically be switched into the "Masters Open" category.

Participant Meeting

A participant orientation meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Friday, April 11th at the race site (covered pavillion next to lake). We will cover as many details as possible about the race and questions will be encouraged. A representative from USA Triathlon will also be on hand to discuss USAT issues and concerns relative to rules and safety. This meeting should last about 30 minutes - we encourage everyone to attend.

NOTE: There will be NO pre-race instructions given on race morning.

Award Categories & Category Information

Top 3 in each of the following categories

Open (M & F)
Masters Open (M & F)
Age Groups (M & F):19 & Under,20-24,25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,
45-49,50-54,55-59,60-64,65-69, 70-74,75+
Clydesdales (Males - 220 Lbs +)
Masters Clydesdales (Males - 220 Lbs +, 40 & Over)
Athenas (Females - 165 Lbs +)


Novice (M & F)
Masters Novice (M & F)

Relay Teams (Male, Female, & Mixed)

AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series rules state that once you compete in a particular race category in an AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series race - you must remain in that same category for all future AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series races in that calendar year. The exception to this rule are the Novice, Masters Novice and relays categories. You may begin the year as a Novice or Masters Novice and then switch into another category (ie: age group, clydesdale, etc.)

Below is a brief description of each race category:

Open - Category for Elite participants. These are typically the fastest people in the race and they compete on an Elite/Professional level.

Masters Open - Same as above, but these Elite participants are 40 and over.

Age Group - Participants competing in their age group.

Clydesdale - Category for male participants who are over 220 lbs.

Master Clydesdale - Category for male participants who are over 220 lbs. and are 40 or over.

Aquabike - Category for participants who would like to race the swim and bike portions but not the run.

Athena - Category for women over 165 lbs.

Novice - Category for beginner participants. Participants competing as a Novice have usually done less than 3 events.

Master Novice - Same as Novice but these participants are beginners who are 40 or over.

Male Relay Team - A relay team that consist of all Male members (2 or 3 members).

Female Relay Team - A relay team that consist of all Female members (2 or 3 members).

Mixed Relay Team - A relay team that consist of all Male and/or Female members (2 or 3 members).

NOTE: You may fit into one or more of the above categories, so whichever category you choose to compete in is completely your choice. Choose the category that you feel you would have the most fun competing in.

Finisher Medals:

Finisher medals will be provided for participants of the White Lake Half.
Please note relay teams only recieve one Finisher Medal per team.

Pasta Dinner/Medical Form/Bike Assembly

Pasta Dinner:

The Sawmill Restaurant will provide a pasta dinner at race site on Friday evening. Dinner will be served from 5:00-8:00pm. Pasta, Salad, bread and tea will be available for $8.00 a plate. Our own "Italian Cafe" will be set up under the pavilion, lake side.  Don't miss this chance to enjoy your fellow athletes while "carbing up" for your big day.

In addition to Friday night's pasta dinner, the Sawmill Restaurant will be on site on Saturday all day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. A variety of meal choices will be available for purchase, including kid friendly options.

Medical Form:

All participants will be required to fill out the official medical form before they will be allowed to pick up their race packets. To avoid having to do this at packet pick-up, please download the medical form, fill it out, and bring it to packet pick-up.

2014 Medical Form

Additional Details

Here are some helpful information regarding our series and things we do:

  • Event Details are always posted the week of the event. This document can be viewed and printed out by clicking on the "Event Details" button on the top, right-hand side of the event page. This button will NOT appear until we post the document. READ this information. 99% of the questions we get at packet pick up are answered in this document, so the more information you read ahead of time, the quicker we can move people through the packet pick up process.
  • A pre-event e-mail will be sent out the afternoon AFTER online registration has closed. We wait until we have all the registrations before sending this e-mail because we want to make sure everyone gets the information.
  • We always post the Official Participant List with everyone's bib (race) number after online registration has closed, usually by the afternoon after registration closes.
  • Get in the habit of checking this Official Participant List for your bib number. If you come to packet pick up with your Photo ID and USAT card (if applicable) out and ready to hand to us, and tell us your race number as you approach the table, packet pick up moves about 5 million times faster. Yes, it makes that much of a difference. If it takes you 5 minutes to find your ID, then that's 5 minutes that the people behind you have to wait.
  • Everyone MUST show a photo ID at packet pick up, and you can NOT pick up anyone elses packet. This is a USAT rule that we must follow, so please do not ask and then get frustrated with our staff when the answer is no. We do not keep this information a secret. If you have a friend who is not competing, then you can pick up their shirt and any other swag they may have gotten, but you will not be given their numbers.
  • If you get your shirt at packet pick up and are not happy with the size, then you will be able to exchange it BUT not until packet pick up ends event morning. We do this to make sure everyone gets the size they registered for first. Otherwise everyone would go to the same size, then we would run out of that size and the people that actually registered for it would not get it.
  • Online registration always closes 3 days (72 hours) before the event. This is a system wide feature. This allows us enough time to begin to get everything prepped that we need to for the event. If there are still spots available after online registration has closed, then we will post this information and you will be able to register for the event at the posted packet pick up times. Any time you register for an event on-site, it is ALWAYS CASH OR CHECK ONLY.
  • For pool swims, all participants that register on-site will be seeded amongst each other by 100-yard swim time and will begin after all the pre-registered athletes. We leave a LARGE time gap between the last pre-registered athlete and the first on-site sign up to make sure the pool is clear and no one is swimming over anyone else.
  • ALWAYS check your swim time more than 2 weeks before the event. After 2 weeks, the system locks you out so no changes can be made, and there are many times that participants think they have entered an accurate swim time when they actually have not. So just always check it to be safe.
  • Double check your race category. Remember events competed in as Novice and Relay do not count towards series points, and remember that the Open category is the ELITE category.
  • Relax and have fun!