Granite Falls Sprint 2014

Event #2 of the AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series

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8:00 AM


Sunday, April 06, 2014


Rolesville, NC (10 min. north of Raleigh)


Event Completed


300 yard swim
10 mile bike
5K run


Thursday, April 03, 2014  8:00 AM


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Granite Falls Sprint




Set Up Events is proud to bring back the Granite Falls Triathlon for its 4th year. The Granite Falls Triathlon is scheduled for April 6, 2014 at the Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club located in Rolesville, NC just 10 minutes north of Raleigh.

We had fantastic reviews after our first three years and plan on having an even better fourth year, and with the event now part of the AAA North Carolina Triathlon series, this event is sure to fill fast.

The swim is a typical snake style swim Granite Fall's state of the art indoor pool. The ten mile bike leaves Rolesville and quickly enters the town of Wake Forest. This bike course has a few minor hills but nothing that is too difficult. It will test the strength in your legs though. The 5K run course moves the adjoining Granite Falls neighborhood. A small section of the run, about a mile, goes off road on a hard pack dirt trail second.

Event Site Rules

Event Capacity:


USAT Sanctioned:

The Granite Falls Triathlon is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event.

Cut-Off Time:

All participants must complete the race in under 2 hours, 15 minutes. Event officials reserve the right to pull a participant off the course if it appears as though that participant will not be able to complete the race in under 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Minimum Age:

The minimum age allowed for participating in the Granite Falls Triathlon is 10.

Timing System:

The Granite Falls Triathlon will be timed using the ChampionChip Tming System.
(5 splits provided)

Packet Pickup

1) Saturday, April 5th (2:00PM - 4:00PM) - @ Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club -800 Granite Falls Blvd - Rolesville, NC

2) Sunday, April 6th (6:15AM - 7:30AM) - @ Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club -800 Granite Falls Blvd - Rolesville, NC

A photo ID is required for packet pick-up.
All participants must pick up their own race packet (including all relay team members).

If registering at packet pick-up please note we only accept Cash or Check.

USA Triathlon requires that all USAT annual members must show their USAT membership card at packet pick-up.
Any USAT annual member who does not present his/her valid membership card at packet pick-up, will be required to pay the USAT one-day fee of $12.


This event does not issue refunds.


Withdrawals are no longer available for this event.


This event does not provide transfers.


This event accepts a one time deferment up to 30 days prior to the event date or until the event has filled.

The deferral event is the 2015 - Granite Falls Sprint.

The deferral cutoff date was Friday, March 07, 2014 and has passed. No further deferral requests will be accepted for this event.


In the event of inclement weather the following procedures will be followed:

The event will be postponed in hopes the inclement weather will pass. If the inclement weather does not pass in time to complete the event safely in the original or modified format, the event will be cancelled. If the weather passes and the event cannot be held within the permitted time limits, the event will be changed to a duathlon format and possibly modified in length to meet these restrictions.

Every effort will be made to hold this event on time on this date. Should this event be cancelled due to an Act of God or other circumstance beyond the race directors control there will be no refunds, credits, or transfers.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy.

By registering for this event you agree to this weather policy.


If you would like to volunteer please click on the link below and an event official will be in contact with you.

Overall Results


Category Results

Click HERE to view category results.

USAT Information

ALL USAT members must show proof of a current membership at packet pick up. If you have recently renewed a membership, then you MUST print out a temporary card or receipt of payment (that shows length of the membership period) to show at packet pick up. We will not take your word for it that your membership is current; you must SHOW us. Failure to do so will result in having to pay the one-day fee of $10.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the USAT website where you can renew your membership or print out a temporary card. You can also renew your membership at packet pick up if that's easier for you.

USAT's "Age Up" Policy:

An athlete's age for any USAT sanctioned race will be his/her age as of Dec. 31, 2014 . The age he/she is on 12/31 will determine his/her racing age group. If an athlete is due to "age-up" into the next group, it will happen at the beginning of the year, not after the athlete's birthday. This action aligns regular U.S. age group racing with the method used by USA Triathlon for its National Rankings Program and its new Grand Prix Series.

Example: John Smith is 39 and will turn 40 on November 20, 2014.

John will be considered 40 for all 2014 races - and will race in the 40-44 age group at all 2014 races.

Sally Jones is 29 and will turn 30 on July 3, 2014
Sally will be considered 30 for all 2014 races - and will race in the 30-34 age group at all 2014 races.

This same policy applies to all race categories in the TrySports Triathlon Series races (Open, Clydesdale, etc).

Example: Fred Peters is 39 and will turn 40 on August 15, 2014.
Fred has registered to race in the "Open" category.
Since Fred will turn 40 in 2014 and will be considered 40 in all 2014 races, Fred will automatically be switched into the "Masters Open" category.

Participant Meeting


A participant orientation meeting will be held at 4:00 PM on Saturday, April 5th at the race site. We will cover as many details as possible about the race and questions will be encouraged.

Swim Times

Swim Times:

All participants must submit a 100 yard swim time for seeding purposes.
Being a pool swim with a staggered start, participants are seeded from fastest to slowest.
It is in your best interest to submit an accurate 100 yard "pace" time for your swim.. In other words, don't submit your fastest 100 yard swim time, submit a 100 yard time that represents what you'll do on race day over the event distance.
By seeding yourself properly, you'll end up swimming near people who swim the same pace as you. This will reduce the number of people who you will need to pass or the number of people who will be passing you. Click HERE to learn how to submit and change swim times.

Seeding Order: As with all events in the NCTS, Opens & Master Opens will be seeded first (sorted by 100 yard swim time), followed by Age Groupers/Clydesdales/Master Clydesdales/Athenas/Relays (sorted by swim 100 yard swim time).. Any athlete who registers at packet pick-up will be seeded AFTER the last pre-registered athlete begins. We will give a 4-5 minute break between the last pre-registered athlete and the first walk-in registered athlete. This is to allow time for the pool to clear so the fast walk-in registered athletes do not have to swim over anyone. Please remember that the Open/Master Open category is for the Elite participants! If this is your first triathlon, this is NOT the category to compete in. Read category descriptions to find the category that fits you best.

Pool Swim Etiquette:
It is appropriate for a swimmer to yield at the wall and wait to be passed if the person behind them is "on their feet" or "tickling their toes". These issues come about it seems from not properly determining an accurate 100 yard swim time.

Changing Swim Times:

EVERYONE should get in the habit of double checking their swim time. Even if you THINK you entered a correct time, DOUBLE CHECK IT! Every single year, at every single pool swim, there are participants that had "fat fingers" and keyed in an extremely incorrect swim time and end up seeded last. So just double check your time to be sure it is keyed in correctly. And remember this is a 100 yard swim split (not 50!).

Our registration system allows for people to access their registrations and adjust their swim times prior to the race.

NOTE: All swim times must be adjusted no later than 14 days prior to the event.
After that, participants will no longer be able to make this adjustment on their registration (the system will lock out any changes). Swim times will not be adjusted after that for any reason.

Additional Details

Top 3 in each of the following categories

Open (M & F)
Masters Open (M & F)
Age Groups (M & F):15 & Under,16-19,20-24,25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,
45-49,50-54,55-59,60-64,65-69, 70-74,75-79,80-84, 85+
Clydesdales (Males - 220 Lbs +)
Masters Clydesdales (Males - 220 Lbs +, 40 & Over)
Athenas (Females - 165 Lbs +)
Novice (M & F)
Masters Novice (M & F)

Relay Team (Mixed)

AAA-NCTS rules state that once you compete in a particular race category in an AAA-NCTSrace - you must remain in that same category for all future NCTS races in that calendar year. The exception to this rule are the Novice, Masters Novice and relay categories. You may begin the year as a Novice or Masters Novice and then switch into another category (ie: age group, clydesdale, etc.)

Below is a brief description of each race category:

Open - Category for Elite participants. These are typically the fastest people in the race and they compete on an Elite/Professional level.

Masters Open - Same as above, but these Elite participants are 40 and over.

Age Group - Participants competing in their age group.

Collegiate - Participants competing in the MACTC Conference.

Clydesdale - Category for participants who are over 220 lbs.

Master Clydesdale - Category for participants who are over 220 lbs. and are 40 or over.

Athena - Category for women over 165 lbs.

Novice - Category for beginner participants. Participants competing as a Novice have usually done less than 3 events.

Master Novice - Same as Novice but these participants are beginners who are 40 or over.


Mixed Relay Team - A relay team that consist of all Male and/or Female members (2 or 3 members).

NOTE: You may fit into one or more of the above categories, so whichever category you choose to compete in is completely your choice. Choose the category that you feel you would have the most fun competing in.