AAA Car Care South Carolina Triathlon Series


AAA Car Care South Carolina Triathlon Series



10/13/2014 - The 2014 AAA SCTS season is complete!  The final 2014 SCTS standings have been posted below.  For those that need to pick up or have your qualifier rewards or category awards shipped, you can go here for a list of locations.   The page to have items shipped is located here.  If you are not on this list, you may want to check with your friends that probably obtained your items already at the banquet. 

Thanks for a wonderful year!  We look forward to seeing you all again in 2015!


Series Rules

USA Triathlon Sanctioning

  • All SCTS events are USA Triathlon sanctioned. 
  • USAT's Most Commonly Violated Rules: If you are new to the sport or are wondering why you got a penalty at your last event, click HERE to read USAT's most commonly violated rules.

Open (Elite) Rules

  • Click HERE to learn about the SCTS Open rules

Qualification Rules

  • Click HERE to learn about series qualification rules

USAT Age Up Rule

  • Click HERE to learn about the USAT age up rule.

USAT Wetsuit Rules

  • Click HERE to learn about the SCTS Wetsuit usage policy

Series Weights, Categories and Divisions

Event weights for 2014 will be roughly based on criteria established by USA Triathlon for the purpose of administering their national rankings system. For the SCTS events will be weighted based on distance and size of event. The event weight index will be used to calculate scores for all participants (See Scoring below).

Event Weight Classification Table
Event DistanceDistance Factor

Depth of Field Factor

(300+ finishers in 2013)

Depth of Field Factor

(400+ finishers in 2013)

Sprint 0.90 0.92 0.94
Sprinternational 0.92 0.94 0.96
International 0.93 0.95 0.97
Half Iron 0.96 0.98 1.00
Championship/ Qualifier Status + 0.05 + 0.05 +0.05
Special SCTS Bonus Event +0.10 +0.10 +0.10


Again in 2014 one SCTS event will be designated as a Special SCTS Bonus Event earning that event an extra 0.05 base points. The 2014 SCTS Bonus Event is The Dam Tri. The Langley Pond International Tri is the SC Qualifier for Best of the US and thus has the +0.05 Championship Status bonus added to that event..

Based on the above formula the event weights for the 2014 SCTS events will be as follows:

2014 SCTS Event Weights
EventEvent Weight
Parris Island 0.92
Downtown Columbia 0.90
TryCharleston Half 0.96
TryCharleston Sprint 0.90
Lake Murray Sprint 0.90
Clemson Sprint 0.94
Caine Halter YMCA 0.90
Greenwood Triathlon 0.93
Middle Tyger YMCA 0.90
Tri the Midlands 0.92
Tri the Swamp Rabbit 0.92
Greenville Sprint 0.92
Langley Pond International 0.98
Langley Pond Sprint 0.90
Market Common Triathlon 0.90
The Dam Triathlon Sprinternational 1.02

Series Scoring and Current Standings

SCTS Course Records

Current Course RecordsSpreadsheeet (Excel)

2014 Standings

2014 Open Male/Masters Open Male
2014 Open Female/Masters Open Female
2014 Male Age Groups
2014 Female Age Groups
2014 Clydesdale/Master Clydesdale
2014 Athena
2014 Aquabike Male/Female

2013 Standings

2013 Open Male/Masters Open Male
2013 Open Female/Masters Open Female
2013 Male Age Groups
2013 Female Age Groups
2013 Clydesdale/Master Clydesdale
2013 Athena

2012 Final Standings

2012 Open Male / Masters Open Male
2012 Open Female / Masters Open Female
2012 Male Age Groups
2012 Female Age Groups
2012 Clydesdale / Master Clydesdale
2012 Athena

2011 Final Standings

2011 Open Male / Masters Open Male
2011 Open Female / Masters Open Female
2011 Male Age Groups
2011 Female Age Groups
2011 Clydesdale / Master Clydesdale
2011 Athena

2010 Final Standings

2010 Open Male / Masters Open Male
2010 Open Female / Masters Open Female
2010 Male Age Groups
2010 Female Age Groups
2010 Clydesdale / Master Clydesdale
2010 Athena

2009 Final Standings
2008 Final Standings
2007 Final Standings
2006 Final Standings
2005 Final Standings
2004 Final Standings
2003 Final Standings

Event Scoring Details

  • The top five men's finish times will be used to create an average time that all men's finish times will be divided into. The top five women's finish times will be used to create an average time that all women's finish times are divided into.
  • All male participants' finish times will be divided into this average male "base" time to create raw scores. (same for females)

How the Series is Scored:

Click HERE for details on how the South Carolina Triathlon Series presented by Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolina is scored.

NOTE: Only the TOP 5 scores from each athlete are used the calculate the final series score. This practice is geared to reward performance and not simply number of events raced.

NOTE ON SCORING: The series is still scored the same as it always has been, but we have decided to make the scores "cleaner". All scores are multiplied by 10000 when calculated to make the score an integer rather than a decimal. Now you can really watch your score grow with each race! We have also broken the brackets down so all participants are not grouped together in the same file. This allows participants to find their information quicker and easier.



Series Awards

Cash Purse
($5,800 Total Cash Purse)
1st Place Open $1000 $1000
2nd Place Open $600 $600
3rd Place Open $350 $350
4th Place Open $250 $250
5th Place Open $150 $150
1st Place Masters Open $300 $300
2nd Place Masters Open $150 $150
3rd Place Masters Open $100 $100


Distinctive Awards

Click Here to see definitions for each of the event categories offered by Set Up Events

  • Top 5 Open (M & F)
  • Top 3 Masters Open (M & F)
  • Top 3 Age Group (M & F) 15 & under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+
  • Top 3 Aquabike (M &F)
  • Top 3 Clydesdale
  • Top 3 Master Clydesdale
  • Top 3 Athena

Qualifiers Rewards

Any athlete who participates in a minimum of five (5) 2014 SCTS events will qualify for SCTS qualifier rewards. The tiered qualifier system will work as follows:

  1. Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 5 SCTS events will receive a custom pair of SCTS socks and a SCTS t-shirt. This is also the minimum number of events needed to qualify for series awards.
  2. Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 9 SCTS events will receive a custom pair of SCTS socks, a SCTS t-shirt and a SCTS jacket/vest/pullover or similar garment.
  3. Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 12 SCTS events will receive a custom pair of SCTS socks, a SCTS t-shirt, a SCTS jacket/vest/pullover and free entry into any five (5) 2015 SCTS events.

NOTE: Athletes must at least complete the swim portion of each event in order to have that event count toward the minimum number of events needed to qualify for these rewards.

NOTE: As stated above in the Qualification Rules, events raced as a Novice will not count toward the number of events for the Qualifier Rewards.

NOTE: All qualifier rewards and series awards MUST BE collected at the 2014 SCTS Awards Banquet. Awards and rewards not collected at the banquet may be shipped directly to your home address; however there will be a charge of $15 to ship these items. Click HERE to pay for shipment of your SCTS rewards/awards. Athletes living in Anderson, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Greenville, and Greenwood will have their rewards shipped to a central location for pick up and will not have to pay for shipping.  A list of those individuals and locations can be found HERE.  


2014 SCTS Awards Banquet

2014 AAA-SCTS Athlete Celebration Banquet

Where: The Lourie Center
             1650 Park Circle 
             Columbia, SC 29201

When: Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 6PM - 10PM

Who: Anyone who has raced in at least one SCTS event in 2014 (Friends and family are also invited to attend)

How: Register for the SCTS Awards Banquet by clicking the link below:

2014 SCTS Athlete Celebration Banquet Reservations


Team Challenge

The Team Challenge Competition has been cancelled for 2014