Coastal Carolina Swim Series

Presented by Toad Hollow


Coastal Carolina Swim Series



3/3/15:  registration is now open for SWIM CB, Pier 2 Pier, and Swim the Loop!

Set Up Celebration - 6/6

SWIM CB - 6/27

Pier 2 Pier - 9/12   

Swim the Loop/Motts Channel Sprint - 9/27   




The Coastal Carolina Swim Series is back for a second year!  This new and exciting addition to the Set Up Events calendar consists of 4 open water swims.  

Anyone who participates in any 3 of these events will recieve a special CCSS award!



Series Rules

Participants in any 3 of the events in the CCSS will automatically receive a series award.

All races have their own categories and individual awards.  



Series Events

Series Events for 2015:


3rd Annual Set Up Celebration Time Trial - Registration opens 5/1/15 
June 6, 2015
Banks Channel

SWIM CB - Registration now open!
June 27, 2015
Carolina Beach

Pier 2 Pier Swim - Registration now open!
September 12, 2015
Wrightsville Beach

Swim the Loop/Motts Channel Sprint - Registration now open!
September 27, 2015
Banks Channel

We are excited to partner with Epic Food for our finishers food!