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Virginia Triathlon Series



2014 VTS Schedule

 5 April 10:00am Smithfield Sprint Triathlon Smithfield, VA
26 April 7:00am Richmond Tri Club Triathlon Richmond, VA
27 April 8:00am Angels Race Triathlon Lynchburg, VA
3 May 9:00am App Pwr Smith Mtn Lake Triathlon Huddleston, VA
4 May 7:00am East Coast Super Sprint Triathlon Richmond, VA
10 May 7:00am Kinetic Half Lake Anna State Park
11 May 9:00am Kinetic Sprint Triathlon Lake Anna State Park
7 June 7:00am Jamestown International Triathlon Williamsburg, VA
8 June 7:30am Jamestown Gran Fondo Williamsburg, VA
21 June 8:00am Bath County Triathlon Warm Springs, VA
12 July     6:50am   Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon Colonial Beach, VA
13 July 6:50am Colonial Beach International Triathlon Colonial Beach, VA
19 July 7:00am Tidewater Triathon Hampton, VA
2 Aug 8:00am Culpeper Sprint Triathlon Culpeper, VA
3 Aug 8:00am Culpeper International Triathlon Culpeper, VA
6 Sep 7:00am Patriot's Half Williamsburg, VA
7 Sep 7:30am Patriot's Sprint Triathlon Williamsburg, VA
27 Sep 9:00am Giant Acorn Sprint Triathlon Lake Anna State Park
28 Sep 9:00am Giant Acorn International Triathlon Lake Anna State Park
 2014    Super Series (VTS/MTS) Schedule  Print HERE

3/27/14 - Smithfield Sprint & Kinetic Sprint Races are both SOLD OUT with no wailists.

3/6/14 - Please note that the Smithfield Sprint is "sold out" at 550 entries.  There are currently 10 completely tax deductible charity entries available for $150 ($200 for relays).  These race entries get the athlete or team the same great swag as the rest of the entries and are ranked for the swim in the same manner as everyone else.  The only difference is that 100% of your entry fee goes to fund the YMCA's Strong Communities campaign.

1/16/14 - The Rock Hall Triathlon (International) has once again been selected as a 2014 USA Triathlon Special Qualifier.  The top 33 percent of each age group automatically qualify for the 2014 USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance National Championships, which will take place Aug. 10 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We expect this MTS race to reach it's race cap of 600 athletes this year, so register for Rock Hall today!

2014- The VTS & MTS Series Scoring is now combined to create the first Super Series Scoring!  3 races - Socks 5 races qualifier tech t-shirt - 10 races qualifier performance jacket - 15 races 3 free entries into any 2014 sprint or international race!  YOU MUST DO 5 RACES IN EITHER SERIES TO QUALIFY FOR SERIES AWARDS......

VTS/MTS Online Store!
The VTS/MTS Online Store is now active, check it out HERE! You can find VTS techinal shirts, visors and other gear for your racing needs. Also there are technical shirts from previous VTS and MTS races including socks.

Series Rules

USA Triathlon Sanctioning

  • All VTS events are USA Triathlon sanctioned
  • USAT's Most Commonly Violated Rules: If you are new to the sport or are wondering why you got a penalty at your last race, click HERE to read USAT's most commonly violated rules.
  • Need to print a USAT membership card? Click HERE.

Qualification Rules

  • Click HERE to learn about series qualification rules.

USAT Age Up Rule

  • Click HEREto learn about the USAT age up rule.

USAT Wetsuit Rules

  • Click HEREto learn about the MTS Wetsuit usage policy.

Series Weights, Categories and Divisions

Click here for a description of Race Categories and Divisions.
Click here for a description of Race Weights

Series Scoring and Current Standings

Remember - only the 5 HIGHEST scores in either series (VTS/MTS) are counted together (the new Super Series). There is a column in the standings that is called count. That number is the number of scored events that person has competed in. You must compete in at least 5 events in either series VTS/MTS to qualify for series awards. Also, remember events competed in as Novice or Relay are NOT scored or counted towards series scoring or prizes.

2013 Male Final Standings

2013 Female Final Standings

2013 Series Award Winners and Qualifiers

Past Standings:

2012 Award Winners and Series Qualifiers

2012 Standings by Division:
Age Group Men
Age Group Women

2011 VTS Standings

2010 VTS Standings
2009 VTS Standings
2008 VTS Standings
2007 VTS Standings

Event Scoring Details

  • The top five men's finish times will be used to create an average time that all men's finish times will be divided into. The top five women's finish times will be used to create an average time that all women's finish times are divided into.
  • All male participants' finish times will be divided into this average male "base" time to create raw scores. (same for females)

Click Here to see an example of how an event is scored

Series Awards

New for 2014! The Introduction of the Super Series!  The VTS & MTS have combined the series scoring and in 2014 both series count toward one score! Individuals who compete in a minimum of 5 scored events in one category are eligible for series awards (novices & relays are not scored). For any scored event in which one receives a "disqualification" (DQ) or a "did not finish" (DNF) one will receive zero (0) points. In order for an event to count towards ones 5 scored events one must complete the swim portion at minimum.

Click Here to see definitions for each of the event categories offered by Set Up Events

  • Top 5 Overall (M & F)
  • Top 5 Overall Masters (M & F) - age 40+ only
  • Top 5 Age Group (M & F) - 15 & under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, and 85+
  • Top 5 Athena
  • Top 5 Clydesdale
  • Top 5 Masters Clydesdale
  • Top 5 Military (M & F)

Qualifiers Rewards

2014 Qualifications Rules and Stage Qualifiers!

The Top 5 Overall Men & Women and Top 5 Overall Masters Men & Masters Women in the Super Series will be awarded custom VTS/MTS Cycling Jerseys & Shorts!

Any athlete who participates in a minimum of five (5) 2014 VTS/MTS events will qualify for VTS/MTS Super Series scoring qualifier rewards.

The tiered qualifier system will work as follows:

  1. Stage 1 Qualifier: Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 3 VTS/MTS events will receive a custom pair of VTS/MTS Super Series Special Socks.
  2. Stage 2 Qualifier: Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 5 VTS/MTS events will receive a custom VTS/MTS Super Series Short Sleeved Technical T-Shirt and the Stage 1 Socks.
    This is also the minimum number (5) of events needed to QUALIFY for Super Series awards.
  3. Stage 3 Qualifier: Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 10 VTS/MTS events will receive a custom VTS/MTS Performance Jacket, the Stage 2 Technical T-Shirt, and the Stage 1 Socks.
  4. Stage 4 Qualifier: Any athlete who participates in a minimum of 15 VTS/MTS events will recieve three (3) free entries into any three 2015 VTS/MTS sprint or international distance events and the Stage 3 custom performance jacket, the Stage 2 Technical T-Shirt, and the Stage 1 Socks.

Archived Race Results

CLICK HERE to view results for events that are no longer in the VTS.

VTS/MTS Online Store

VTS/MTS Online Store


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