North Carolina State Parks Centennial Endurance Challenge


North Carolina State Parks Centennial Endurance Challenge



Sandling Beach Water Temperature update:  77 degrees

Looks like this will be a wetsuit legal race - we will announce the official water temperature on race morning.


The "Everyone Wins" triathlon to finish up the year

On Saturday, October 1st, Set Up Events will conclude our 2016 triathlon season with two races at Sandling Beach State Recreation Area (Falls Lake) in the Raleigh/Durham area.

To celebrate a great year we will be holding a huge raffle where dozens of participants will win Rudy Project helmets & sunglasses, Zone3 swim goggles, and FREE entries to some of our most popular triathlons in 2017.

Additionally, EVERY participant will receive a gift certificate for Rudy Project merchandise.

All you have to do is register for either the 50 mile race (1 mile swim, 40 mile bike, 9 mile run) or the Sprint (800 meter swim, 24 mile bike, 4.5 mile run).



General Description of Centennial Endurance Challenge

Set Up Events is proud to be providing triathletes across North Carolina and around the region with five exciting new racing venues at North Carolina State Parks. In 2016, the North Carolina State Parks, will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary, and a variety of activities will be held at State Parks across the state during the year to commemorate this centennial celebration. Our five triathlon dates will comprise the Centennial Endurance Challenge (CEC).

We will be working directly with Friends of State Parks, a 40+ year old organization that was formed to support the state parks in a variety of ways.

The five venues will be:

  • Lake James State Park – along  I-40 near Marion, NC
  • Lake Norman State Park – Charlotte area
  • Hanging Rock State Park – Triad area
  • Sandling Beach State Park (Falls Lake) – Triangle area
  • Poplar Point State Park (Jordan Lake) – Triangle area

All five venues feature beautiful swimming locations with nice sandy beaches. All offer lots of paved parking close to the race sites. All will feature run courses that stay entirely inside the parks on nice paved roads with no traffic. And all five provide us with the ability to design bike courses that take place on well-paved rural roads with a minimum of turns.

The CEC races will be unique for the following reasons:

1) Unique distances
2) Time Trial starts for all races
3) No sponsors logos on the back of the race shirts

Unique Race Distances:


Three of the races (Poplar Point, Lake Norman, and Hanging Rock) will be hybrids between Sprint distance races and International distance races. The swims will be 1000 meters, the bikes will range from 15-18.5 miles and the runs will be 4.5 miles.


The other two venues (Lake James & Sandling Beach) will be triathlons totally 50 miles in distance – hybrids between International distance races and Half iron distance races; 1 mile swims, 40 mile bikes, and 9 mile runs.

Time Trial Starts:

All five races will be Time Trial Starts - with all participants starting the swim one at a time - going off every couple of seconds.

Logo-Free Shirts:

Since these events will be unique from a race distance standpoint, we decided to also make our race shirts unique as well. The race shirts for all the races in the Centennial Endurance Challenge will contain no logos on the back. The backs of the shirts will be blank.