Series Scoring

2014 AAA NCTS Scoring

The AAA NCTS uses the ChampionChip timing system using 5 split points for a traditional triathlon.

Swim, T1, Bike, T2 AND Run/finish

In 2014 we have modified the scoring slightly to bring a closer level of competition to each category that is eligible for scoring.

For each category that is scored in the AAA NCTS the scoring will be calculated as follows

The top 5 times in the category will be converted to seconds and used to create an average time that all times in the category will be divided into. This will be known as the “Base” time.

All participants' times in that category will be converted to seconds and divided into the categories “Base” time to create “Raw” scores for that category.

The raw score will then be multiplied by the events weight index then by 10000 to give the overall score for participant in that category as a whole number. All calculations will be done at 4 decimal places with rounding happening at the 4th decimal place.

If a category has less than 5 participants in the category the average is scored based on the number of people who finished. If 4 people finished then the average of 4 in seconds is used. If one person finishes in a category, then the average is their time in seconds is used.

For Example The five fastest times for the Male Age group 35-39 are

Time Seconds Raw Score Weigh Score
1hr 2mins 33 seconds 3753 1.0086 0.91 9179
1hr 2mins 48 seconds 3768 1.0046 0.91 9142
1hr 3mins 15 seconds 3795 0.9975 0.91 9077
1hr 3mins 21 seconds 3801 0.9959 0.91 9063
1hr 3mins 30 seconds 3810 0.9935 0.91 9041

The category “Base” time will be 3785.4, the average of the 5.

All category times are divided into the base time.

The winner of the category (1 Hr. 2'33") receives a base score of 1.0086 (3785.4 divided by 3753)

The fifth place finisher (1 Hr. 3'30") receives a base score of .9935 (3785.4 divided by 3810)

The base score is then multiplied by the event weight index for that particular event.

For purposes of this example, this event weight is 0.91.

The winner of the event would receive a score of 9179 (1.0086 x .91 x 10000)

This same method would be used to score each category.