SCTS Open Division Rules

Who is a SCTS Open?

There is no qualification necessary to compete as an Open division athlete in the SCTS. Anyone can compete in the Open category if they choose as long as they are 15 years of age or older.

Why race as a SCTS Open Athlete?

Open division athletes start every SCTS event in Wave 1 in open water swim starts and at the front of all the pool swim events. This gives the Open athletes a chance to race head to head against all other Open athletes in the event. Also, the $5,800 prize purse will only be awarded to the top 5 in the Open division.

What about Masters Open?

The SCTS WILL offer a Masters Open division. Athletes who are 40 and older may elect to race in the Masters Open or in the Open division.

Will Open Athletes be Ranked by USA Triathlon?

Yes, Open Athletes will still be ranked by USA Triathlon in his/ her respective age groups. However, Open Athletes will be scored in each event based only on the open division finishers; these scores will then be used for age group rankings. So, Open Athletes will race head to head against other Open Athletes and be scored by USAT versus other Open Athletes at each event.

From the desk of USAT:

There have been several inquiries over the last couple years from race directors and athletes requesting that “amateur elite/ open” waves be included in the rankings. Due to the capabilities of the new pacesetter rankings system, it has been shown that any perceived advantage participants in this wave have is nullified in the new system, allowing fair rankings to be assigned to these waves when they are ranked amongst each other. The USAT staff and Race Director Committee have agreed to rank athletes in these waves through the rules dispensation process. Note this does not create a new rankings category, the “elite amateur/ open” wave will be ranked as its own race, and the athletes then put into their respective age groups in the national rankings system.

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