Water Temperature and Wetsuits

The top two questions we recieve about our events is what is the water temperature and are wetsuits allowed. Since one answer usually answers the other the explainations for both are bundled together for you here.


Water Temperature
The water temperature for each open water event is taken and posted on the event website and the series event page 36-48 hours before the posted packet pick-up time. This temperature reading is a preliminary reading. The official water temperature will be taken on race morning about 60-90 minutes prior to race start by the USAT official on site.

As per USAT rules, if the water temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or below then wetsuits ARE allowed. At 78.1 to 83.9 degrees Fahrenheit participants may wear a wetsuit at their own descretion; however, wearing a wetsuit in the temperature range will mean that the athletes are ineligible for awards. At 84 degrees Farhenheit and above wetsuits are NOT permitted - this is for your own safety.

For the USAT ruling on wetsuits starting in 2013 CLICK HERE.
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