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Series Rules & Info



Series Description

The AAA North Carolina Triathlon Series is celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2019, and has been recognized as the premier statewide triathlon series in the U.S. 
From Asheville in the heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains to the beautiful beaches of southeastern North Carolina the NCTS consists of the following:

•   3 Halfs
•   5 Internationals
•   13 Sprints

Started in 1999, the NCTS is comprised of iconic long-standing races like the Azalea Sprint in Wilmington, the White Lake Half, the YMCA Wrightsville Beach Sprint, the Triangle Sprint in Raleigh, the Latta Enduro Sprint in Charlotte, and the Pinehurst International, all six races a part of the NCTS since its inception in 1999.

Experience a North Carolina Triathlon Series event in 2019. 

Formula 1 Grand Prix Series

In 2019, the NCTS will feature a "series within a series".

The Formula 1 Grand Prix Series will consist of 5 NCTS races - 4 of which have been altered from a race format standpoint,
and the venerable Carolina Beach Double Sprint.

*  Three F1 Grand Prix events offer participants fun new race formats featuring shorter segment distances, done multiple times, in different sequences.
*  All 5 FI Grand Prix races will remain part of the NCTS and will count towards NCTS minimum qualifying standards for swag and awards.
*  The F1 Grand Prix series will offer separate awards at year-end for people competing in a minimum of 3 F1 Grand Prix races.

2019 Formula 1 Grand Prix Events:

  • 4/14:  Time Trial @ RiverLights (Wilmington)

  • 6/22:  Latta Enduro Sprint (Charlotte)

  • 7/13:  Carolina Beach Double Sprint (Wilmington area)

  • 9/8:  White Lake Super Sprint (White Lake)

  • 10/6:  Sandling Beach F1 Sprint (Raleigh)


Series Awards & Categories

Qualifying for Series Awards:

In order to qualify for NCTS series awards and year-end "swag", participants must compete in a minimum of 5 NCTS races.

Award Categories:

Distinctive awards will be presented to the top 5 in each of the following categories

  • Advanced Men & Women

  • Age Groups (15 & Under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49. 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, and 70 & Over)

  • Clydesdales (men 220 lbs. and above)

  • Athens (women 165 lbs and above)

  • AquaBike Men & Women

Series Scoring

In order to qualify for NCTS series awards a participants must compete in 5 races

Participants receive scores based on their finish times for each event - combined with the event weighting (below).

If a participant competes in more than 5 races - ONLY the top 5 scores will be counted

NCTS Events are weighted by two factors; the length of the race and the size of the race.

  • For example, a Half is going to be weighted higher than a Sprint.
  • Also, a Sprint with 500 participants is going to be weighted higher than a Sprint with 200 people.

Event Weight Classifications:

Race Distance Factor: (weighting for events based on distance) 
*  Sprint:  .90
*  International:  .95
*  Half:  .99

Race Size Factor: (weighting for events that are larger from a participation standpoint) 
*  Sprint: .91
*  International: .96
*  Half: 1.0

2019 North Carolina Triathlon Series Event Weights

  • Azalea Sprint: .91

  • Lake James  International:   .95

  • Time Trial @ RiverLights:  .90

  • White Lake Spring Half:  .99

  • White Lake Spring International:  .95

  • White Lake Spring Sprint:  .90

  • Lake Norman State Park Sprint:  .90

  • Pinehurst International:  .95

  • Triangle Sprint:  .90

  • Latta Enduro Sprint:  .90

  • Carolina Beach Double Sprint:  .90

  • Buckner Mission Man Sprint:  .90

  • Lake Logan Half:  .99

  • Lake Logan International:  .95

  • Lake Logan Sprint:  .90

  • Lake Lure Sprint:  .90

  • White Lake Fall Half:  .99

  • White Lake Fall International:  .95

  • White Lake Super Sprint:  .90

  • YMCA Wrightsville Beach Sprint:  .91

  • Sandling Beach F1 Sprint:  .90